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Hi babe, please read on...I’ll appreciate it. Here is your long awaited letter! Lol

Reflect back on our relationship, and I’ll bet you’ll have to agree with what I’m saying. There are things that you and me disagree about, have always disagreed about, and will always disagree about. Maybe the disagreement is about SEX, “I don’t think sooo” or how to allocate our money in a more sensible way, or how to show affection. Whatever the particular subject matter is, I will guarantee, that now and forever there will be certain basic issues over which we will disagree.

I think I might have been guilty on an occasion, and maybe felt the lack of agreement was in some way a personal rejection, therefore I would stay bent out of shape for awhile. Carrying this emotional pain forward I would sometimes feel there was something wrong with our relationship – when in fact it was fine.

Now my opinion is simply this....agree to disagree!! I wouldn’t let arguments that occurred get too personal. It’s about becoming realistic by disagreeing without the need to sometimes declare that I am right and you are wrong. It’s about relaxing a little, which is a far healthier approach, don’t u think?

After all it’s not what you do, it’s how u do it!

It’s wrong to think there is something amiss in our relationship just because we disagree once in awhile. It’s wrong to label our relationship as deficient or think we have a less committed love just because we don’t always agree.

I don’t think arguing is a sign of weakness or relationship breakdown. Nor do I think it is good or bad, although i think it can help the quality and longevity of our relationship in a number of ways. Such fighting actually serves to provide a much needed release of tension, and can bring about a certain element of trust.

Because we know we can release our thoughts and feelings without being rejected or humiliated. Don’t get me wrong here babe, i don’t think arguments are something to strive for, but the notion of couples who fail in their relationships just because they argue, is for me completely untrue. To suppress any type of conflict, or issue that might be bothering you, while being 100% nice all the time within the relationship, is to me foolhardy.

People need to vent what they are feeling, not bottle it up or think it will magically disappear under some silver cloud.

It’s not about how many times we argue that’s the determining factor in our relationship. Instead, it is determined by the nature in which we argued, and by how we deal with the argument once it has run its course. People need to get emotional closure at the end of an argument, and in someway getting to the root cause of why it started, so that anger, resentment, bitterness doesn’t come bubbling to the surface at a later date.