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According to Dr. Chapman, there are 5 different love languages, and while they all technically appeal to people, there is always a major love language that everyone would love to receive from the other person.

Quiz is designed to rank which language of love is your favorite and least favorite one. In return, you can share this with your partner or know what to look for in your next relationship in order to feel loved.
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In order to take the test correctly, you are supposed to choose one answer that suits you for each question. The tricky part is, if you don't like any of the options, then you still need to choose the one that works best for you.

The same rule applies even if you like both options, you should still choose the one that works best for you than the other option. Remember to record the letter of the phrase that works best for you as you will need it later to find out what your love is.


a. I'd love to receive confirmation feedback from you.
E. I love it when you hug me.


B. I like to spend one time with you.
Dr.. I feel loved when you give me practical help


C. I love it when you give me gifts.
B. I love taking long walks with you.


Dr.. I feel loved when you do things to help me
E. I feel loved when you hug me or touch me.


E. I feel loved when you hold me in your hands.
C. I feel loved when I receive a gift from you.


B. I like to go places with you.
E. I like to be caught with you.


a. I feel loved when you confess to me.
C. Visual symbols of love (i.e. gifts) are very important to me.

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E. I like to sit near you.
a. I like it when you tell me I'm cute.


B. I like spending time with you.
C. I'd love to receive small gifts from you.


Dr.. I know you love me when I help you.
a. Your acceptance words are more important to me.


B. I love being together when we do things.
a. I love the kind words that tell me.


E. I feel full when we hug.
Dr.. What you do affects me more than what you say.


a. I appreciate your praise and try to avoid your criticism.
C. Many inexpensive gifts mean more to me than an expensive gift.


E. I feel closer to you when you touch me.
B. I feel close when we talk or do something together.


a. I love you to compliment my accomplishments.
Dr.. I know you love me when you do things for me and I know you don't enjoy doing them.

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E. I love for you to touch me when you walk by.
B. I like it when you listen with affection.


C. I really enjoy receiving gifts from you.
Dr.. I feel loved when you help me with my home projects.


a. I love it when you complete my look.
B. I feel loved when you take the time to understand my feelings.


E. I feel safe when you touch me.
Dr.. Your acts of service make me feel loved.


Dr.. I appreciate the many things you do for me.
C. I love receiving the gifts you give.


B. I really love the feeling I get when you give me your full attention.
Dr.. I really enjoy the feeling I get when you do something for me.


C. I feel loved when I celebrate my birthday with a gift.
a. I feel loved when you celebrate my birthday with meaningful words (i.e. written or spoken).


Dr.. I feel loved when you help me with the housework.
C. I know you think of me when you give me a gift.

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C. I appreciate it when you remember special days with a gift.
B. I appreciate it when you listen patiently and don't interrupt me.


B. I enjoy long trips with you.
Dr.. I would like to know that you are interested enough to help me with my daily tasks.


E. Kissing me unexpectedly makes me feel loved.
C. Giving me a gift for any occasion makes me feel loved.


a. I like being said that you appreciate me.
B. I love you to look at me when we talk.


C. Your gifts are always special to me.
E. I feel loved when you kiss me.


a. I feel loved when you tell me how much you appreciate me.
Dr.. I feel loved when you passionately undertake a task that I have asked you to do for me.


E. I need him to hug you every day.
a. I need your affirmation words daily.

In order to find your love language, you have to add the number of times you have chosen each letter.

If you choose a foundation, your love language is words of affirmation.
If you choose mainly B, your love language is quality time.
If you choose C, your love language is to receive gifts.
If you mainly choose D, your love language is a work of service.
If you basically choose E, your love language is your physical touch.

Based on your results, you can see a ranking of your preferred and most preferred languages.
What does your love language mean?

Couple laying in bed and kissing
Words of affirmation

This means that you love hearing what you mean to your partner. This usually consists of verbal compliments or any form of reassurance about how your partner feels about you. Basically, you want to hear a lot of sincere, sweet, romantic, and intimate feelings that are only shared between the two of you.
Quality time

If this is your lovable language, then it means you love getting your partner's undivided attention and you just want to spend a lot of time with him talking, hanging out, or doing activities together. The keyword is undivided, however, no matter what you do, you want it to be his number one priority and focal point of his interest.
Receive gifts

This love language means you want little reminders in the form of gifts. Your partner has to prove that he remembered a special date, or that he just thought of you and wanted to get you something nice.
Service work

This means you want your partner to show how much you love it by doing some things for you. Or just by doing certain things to show you that you are appreciated, that he wants to help you, and is willing to do things for you.
Physical touch

This means you just want to feel connected and physically connected in order for you to feel loved.